Expanding the base of safe, affordable housing

Collaborative programs seek to reduce homelessness by providing more available options. Still, dozens of people remain without permanent shelter.

Housing is a basic need that is a crucial part of human existence. Lack of safe and decent housing impacts our ability to live, work, and be part of our community. Collaboration is key, and agencies, advocates, and local government must work together to create innovative ways to meet our community’s increasing needs that strain limited resources. A homeless assistance approach that prioritizes providing permanent housing to people experiencing homelessness serves as a foundation by which people can begin advancing their pursuit of greater life goals, improving their quality of life.



Collaboration efforts lead to safer homes
Expanding inclusive housing
Homeless services streamlined

Limited capacity for vouchers and public housing
Affordability of rental housing
Housing quality impact on health and safety
Homeless population increasing

The following indicators have been identified as instrumental to the Red Flags and Blue Ribbons listed in this section of the 2017 Community Focus Report. Click on an indicator to learn more about the topic.

Housing Unit Age

Map showing the median age of housing in Greene County, MO


Owner-Occupied Housing Units

Owner Occupied Housing Units

Substandard Housing

Map showing prevalence of substandard housing units in Greene County, MO


Housing Cost Burden


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