Local agencies connect to tackle ongoing struggles

Law-enforcement agencies have teamed up with nonprofits and community members to confront persistent criminal and societal issues, such as domestic violence and drug abuse.

Public safety is the protection of a community from dangers emanating from crime and disasters, and includes law enforcement, fire protection, emergency medical services and emergency management.

Public safety agencies in Springfield and Greene County are maintaining the status quo for providing services to citizens. Staffing has not increased to the level of meeting the growing demand for services across all area public safety agencies.




Community collaboration
Resources to address family-violence issues
Agency cooperation

Increased demand for service
Increased rate of arson
Jail capacity
Illegal drug use
Preventable fatalities

The following indicators have been identified as instrumental to the Red Flags and Blue Ribbons listed in this section of the 2017 Community Focus Report. Click on an indicator to learn more about the topic.

Violent Crime



Homicide Mortality


Motor Vehicle Mortality

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